joined us from the USA in April 2017. She works as actress and as a model, loves to travel and  more than 19.000 people follow her on Instagram.


joined us in march 2017 from Sacramento in California, USA. She is a pre-med student, works as a model and has more than 25.000 followers on Instagram. 


joined us from the USA in April 2017. As a LA-Model he is into fitness and football for sure. He also loves travelling to new places around the globe.


joined us in 2017 from Philadelphia, USA. Round about 5.000 people follow his story on Instagram. 


is joined us from the US in Feb. 2017. He is a Poet, Model, Actor, Songwriter & Father.


from New York, USA joined us in March 2017. He works as actor and model and loves to drift cars.