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We connect blogger, models and all kinds of influencers with various kinds of companies around the world.


Our vision is to make product placement and influencer marketing as easy as possible for either influencers or marketers.

No matter if you want to push your products on the market or if you would like to join our group of Instagram models and influencers to gain more followers, receive various gifts and well paid model jobs by simply representing different types of products from our partners. Look no further, with us you found a strong partner!


Influencer marketing is known to be three times more likely to influence purchasing decisions than common marketing activities. Ever since our grandmother suggested the best washing powder to us we know that Word-of-Mouth is a strong way to influence people. Nowadays people trust bloggers and influencers even more than their grannies.

Throughout the last 5 years Instagram has come to a tremendous amount of monthly active users. 300 million people post about 55 million photos each day.

Instagram, along with being a source of personal entertainment, has also become a well-known site for business representation. Different companies, brands and famous people have their official pages on this social site, where they update their followers about the brands’ new arrivals, special offers, discount deals, upcoming competitions, giveaways prizes and recent activities more, by sharing photos and small videos only.


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joined us from Germany in August 2017. She travels around the world and more than 9.000 people follow her stories on Instagram.

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