is our german equestrian with a prefence for fashion and lifestyle-products. More than 42.000 people like, comment or just follow her story.


from Düsseldorf, Germany.

Studies medicine and works as a professional hair-model. Nina joined our Team in 2017.


is from Mannheim, Germany.
She joined us in 2016 and was immediately one of the best booked models. 


just joined us in 2017 from Moscow, Russia.
She works as a fitness model and likes to travel the world.  


from Spain shortly joined us in 2017. We are happy to welcome her in our family of beautiful people.


from Milan, Italy is our new Model since Feb 2017. She is studying and loves to post about traveling, photography, fashion, arts and food.


from Austria also joined us in Feb 2017. She is a fitness and fashion lover and owns one of the most beautiful smiles in the Alps.


from Austria joined us in 2017 and is one of our biggest treasures. She is totally into fashion and lifestyle and works as a fitness model.


came to our family in 2017 and joined us from Poland. She works as a promoter / instarblogger. More than 20.000 people follow her on Instagram.


from Treviso in Italy is studying and works as a promoter. She joined us in 2017 and more than 6.000 people follow her story.


Our beauty from Brasil meanwhile lives in Italy and joined our Model-Team in 2017. She likes to travel the world and is a real fashion lover.


joined us from Roma, Italy. She loves travelling, fashion & cars.

About 10.000 people follow her daily on Instagram. 


and her stunning smile are originally from Ukraine. Meanwhile she lives in Italy. Where travelling, fashion & friends are her favorite activities.


joined us from Sussex, UK. She is a full time model, loves to travel and is  managing her own youtube channel.


is our first health blogger. She joined us from Italy in Feb. 2017 and more than 44.000 people follow her story on Instagram.


is our beautiful artist from Israel. More than 100.000 people follow her daily story and like her stunning artwork.


joined us from Madrid, Spain in March 2017. She works as a professional model...we really love her shootings. 


joined us in march 2017 from Sacramento in California, USA. She is a pre-med student, works as a model and has more than 25.000 followers on Instagram. 


was born in Montenegro meanwhile living in Germany. She studies architecture and joined our InstarModel-Family in march 2017.


from Italy joined us in March 2017. She lives in Dubai and works as a cabine crew member above the clouds.


joined us in March 2017 from Switzerland. She works as a fashion blogger, influencer & jewelry designer with more than 24.000 followers on Instagram and more than 500.000 likes on Facebook.


joined us in March 2017. She lives in Bali and works as a model, hairstylist and dreadlockmaker.


joined us in march 2017 from Germany. She works as a model, loves to travel around the world and more than 10.000 people follow her story in Instagram.


joined us in 2017 from Philadelphia, USA. Round about 5.000 people follow his story on Instagram. 


is our first model from Australia. Our aussie dude loves skate- and snowboarding and playing his guitar. He joined us in Feb. 2017.


is joined us from the US in Feb. 2017. He is a Poet, Model, Actor, Songwriter & Father.


from New York, USA joined us in March 2017. He works as actor and model and loves to drift cars.


joined us from Norway in March 2017. He works as fitness- and fashion model and more than 46.000 people follow his daily story.